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Founded in 2020, Fiberjet Networks is the Indian leader in Managed WiFi as a Service Our core Business structure is around a select number of customer groups: Hospitality,Student Accommodation,Senior Living,Healthcare,Retail and B2B.Fiberjet Network is committed to continuous innovation, thus ensuring the servive we provide is ready for the ever-rising demands of internet traffic. We offer high value-added services to assure that our business-grade WiFi networks set the benchmark for meeting the technical requirements of our customers.

Connectivity services : business WiFi, fiber optic, IPTV

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Fiberjet Networks is Company Registered in India supporting businesses with a variety of technical challenges and projects: guest and business WiFi, Fibre Leased Lines, TV, Chromecast, IoT and many other solutions. With Fiberjet Networks by your side, you will never need to worry about the management of your network.

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Unparalleled technical expertise

Since our foundation in 2020, technical expertise has been in Fiberjets's DNA. We realised very quickly that the quality of the internet connectivity experience was critical to our development and in turn, the services we offer. Our R&D teams, therefore, have spent many years producing innovative technologies that are continually evolving to meet the technological demands of our customers.

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Vertical solutions

We support businesses building and enabling their digital infrastructure.

Hotel WiFi systems
Exceptional WiFi and Fibre Leased Line services for the hospitality market
WiFi in student accommodation
Student Accommodation
Leader of internet access for Purpose Built Student Accommodation (PBSA)
Camping WiFi systems
Campsites & Outdoor Venues
A WiFi solution for outdoor hospitality
Managed WiFi solutions for senior living
Senior Housing
Internet connectivity made simple for senior residences
Room Area Network solution for the hospitality market

A real home from home experience

We often hear about the concept of customer experience being "just like it is at home". In terms of Fiberjet Networks connectivity, it is. Our unique "Room Area Network" provides each user with a private WiFi network to easily and securely connect any personal devices in the same way that you would do at home. The Room Area Network solution can also combine with a native Chromecast solution, which we call "Stream & Cast" to allow guests to stream their content to a TV in a familiar fashion.

Uses of the internet on Fiberjet networks

How internet usage has evolved

Fiberjet Networks is not just another enterprise WiFi provider. We're also a Business Internet Service Provider. Having our own datacentre and core network provides us with great insight into the types of internet traffic crossing our network every day. Since 2020 we have seen a tremendous increase in video streaming services. That more of us are streaming content than watching TV, now more than ever it is vital to ensure you partner with the right service provider to meet both yours and your customer's needs..

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