WiFi networks in hotels
WiFi networks in hotels

Hospitality WiFi solutions

Offering great WiFi, great service and great internet to the hospitality industry, without the huge expense


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Supporting your ability to stay up to date with technology, even during low occupancy

We understand that investing in new technology can be an expensive and cumbersome exercise. What's more, the technology world moves so fast that equipment quickly becomes outdated, and the financial value of the hardware rapidly deprecates. Fiberjet Networks can help make improving the WiFi in your accommodation more, accommodating: No capital investment required, low monthly operating costs with zero interest, full financial predictability, technology scalability.

Hospitality WiFi solutions tailored for streaming and other high bandwidth demands

85% of hotel guests now carry two or more devices when travelling. Customers demand a service tailored to how they use the internet which has now become very heavily focused on video streaming services.

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Uses of the internet in hotels
WiFi hotspot for hotels

Reliable, fast WiFi and Fiber Leased Lines for hotels

A reliable and fast WiFi service has become a key decision factor for potential guests when choosing where to stay. Many travel sites such as Booking.com now offer insights into the WiFi service at your hotel, which could ultimately impact your revenue if the service provided isn't meeting your guest's needs. Fiberjet Networks core business is to provide robust, fast WiFi and Fiber Leased Line services that your guests will love, and connectivity solutions to ensure your staff and IoT devices are seamlessly integrated.

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In-room Chromecast streaming made simple, just as Google intended

Fiberjet Networks is committed to helping your hotel meet the demands of today’s guests by offering a Chromecast solution that works just as Google intended. Many providers will claim to offer a similar solution, but often a proxy server and an open WiFi network is used which can result in a more complex, more costly and less secure service. We do things just as Google intended. Stream & Cast by Fiberjet uses no proxy server, and your guests content is secured by WPA2/3 encryption. A native Chromecast solution for the hospitality market.

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Chromecast solution for hotels
Fiberjet Center : service monitoring interface

Drive your business through WiFi

We regularly develop and update our centralised network management portal allowing hoteliers to monitor the service we provide. The portal also provides you with access to collated marketing information such as names, email addresses, nationalities and types of devices used, all while remaining GDPR compliant. This type of information can, of course, help grow your business and in turn, drive profit..

Increase revenue from Meetings and Events

Corporate events provide an essential revenue stream in the hospitality market. Fiberjet Networks has developed a range of technical solutions to help hotels strengthen the conference services you offer. For example, the creation of private WiFi networks, dedicated bandwidth, or even temporarily increasing the speed all become possible to help drive the Meetings and Events business in your property.

WiFi network for seminar rooms
Hospitality TV systems through WiFi

Frequently asked questions

Find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding WiFi and Fibre services for hotels.

I'm unhappy with my current WiFi service provider. How can I be sure that Fiberjet Networks will offer a better solution?

Customer satisfaction ratings are a priority for Fiberjet Networks. As we offer WiFi as a Service, it is vitally important to us that our customers are happy with the service we provided. With this in mind, we ensure that every aspect of the service that could impact guest satisfaction is carefully analysed and adjusted as necessary until we are confident that the service provided is of the very highest standard. Furthermore, we offer full WiFi and Fibre upgrades with nothing at all to pay upfront. Fiberjet has developed a unique expertise throughout the years by connecting tens of hotels, and has thus become the leader in managed WiFi for the hospitality market.

I'm looking at upgrading my data line, will it work with the Fiberjet WiFi system?

Yes. To make sure you receive the best performance we would recommend ordering a commercial-grade Fibre Leased Line which provides you with guarantees around the recovery times, guaranteed bandwidth, static public IP addresses and also symmetrical upload and download speed. If you're unsure of what speed you need, we can help. Or, as Fiberjet Network is partnered with leading Internet Service Provider as well as a hospitality WiFi provider, we can take away the hassle of dealing with multiple vendors and provide you with a Fibre Leased Line connected to our own data network to provide your internet connectivity at a very competitive price.

Is Fiberjet Networks WiFi service compatible with all computers, phones and tablets?

In every hotel, Fiberjet deploys high-performance WiFi equipment. Our wireless networks are dual-band using either WiFi 5 or WiFi 6 technology depending upon your requirements. All devices such as smartphones, tablets and computers which can connect to a WiFi network are compatible with our solutions..

Will I own the equipment installed in my hotel?

So that we can provide you with the most competitive rates possible, Fiberjet retains ownership of the hardware installed in your hotel. In addition to great value for money in comparison to buying hardware, it also means that if any of the equipment develops a fault throughout the contract duration, Fiberjet will supply a replacement at no additional cost, giving you full financial predictability month to month.

Can I reuse the cables already present in my hotel?

In most cases, to guarantee an optimal quality of service, our integration team carries out a complete redeployment to certify that all cabling is of the exact standard which will allow your new WiFi service to function correctly..

Can I use the Fiberjets network for my other business needs, such as a back-office WiFi, VoIP phones or wireless door locks?

Yes. Our system is capable of managing multiple networks in parallel on the same physical infrastructure: Guest WiFi, Staff WiFi, VoIP, Door Locks. We also believe IoT will be increasingly important in the hospitality industry, therefore all Fiberjet networks are IoT ready. Our team are happy to help design a network with all of your technical requirements in mind.

What hardware does Fiberjet supply?

Fiberjet continuously evaluates hardware from different manufacturers to ensure you are provided with the best wireless solution to fit the hospitality market requirements and suit your needs. Our engineers have very close relationships with prestigious suppliers such as Ruckus, Cisco Meraki, Aruba, ExtremeWireless / Aerohive, Dell, TP-Link, Unifi and Huawei.

Will the Fiberjet system work with my PMS?

Yes, Fiberjet works seamlessly with most PMS providers, just let us know which PMS you use, and we'll be happy to help.

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