WiFi and Fibre Leased Line solutions for coliving residences

State-of-the-art network infrastructure to meet the intensive internet usage requirements of residents



Coliving, a very demanding concept in terms of internet connectivity

Accommodation, bar-restaurants, coworking spaces, gyms and other recreational areas are all spaces that can make up a coliving residence. These are also all spaces in which residents must be able to access the internet. Indeed, the typology of these spaces implies strong connectivity needs and their target population is among the most internet-consuming (streaming, gaming, social networks, etc.). Coliving residences must therefore equip themselves with cutting-edge network infrastructure, adapted in terms of bandwidth and user density, to offer an optimal connection experience in all circumstances.


Managed WiFi at the heart of the connected coliving residence

A pioneer of managed WiFi in residences (or "WiFi as a Service"), Wifirst supports and advises all coliving managers on connectivity and digitalisation issues. We are convinced that the interest of WiFi goes well beyond its primary use (Internet access for residents). We build robust, secure and entirely tailormade infrastructure to supply the various spaces and digital services (digital signage, telephony, IPTV) of coliving residences.


Fibre Leased Lines for very high-speed internet connectivity

Dedicated Fibre is essential for connecting large capacity coliving residences. Thanks to the service guarantees (99.9% availability) and its symmetrical speed, Fibre combines performance and reliability, qualities that are essential to absorb the continuous rise in internet use but also to avoid any frustrations that could be linked to an inadequate internet connection.
Fiberjet's pro fibre offer allows you to benefit from the best prices thanks to our multi-operator system. Furthermore, entrusting your Internet access to Fiberjet in addition to the WiFi network is additional quality assurance, with a single point of contact controlling the entire production chain.
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WiFi with the convenience of an experience just like at home

Fiberjet allows residents to connect to their own private WiFi to replicate a connection experience just like at home. Residents’ numerous connected devices (smartphones, computers, consoles, smart TVs, Chromecast, printers, connected watches, connected speakers, etc.) can easily be connected to the WiFi of the coliving residence (without a captive portal) and can easily and securely communicate with one another. .

Fiberjet has achieved this feat by developing a technology we call Room Area Network while maintaining the physical architecture of collective WiFi.

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Power innovation in the coliving industry

In November 2020, Fiberjet Networks and Coliving Insights announced a global partnership, combining Coliving Insights’ mission to provide content that nurtures the growth of the coliving scene, with Fiberjets commitment to continuous innovation in order to offer a network capable of absorbing the spectacular increase of internet usage, offering high added value services and making WiFi the technical foundation for Coliving operator needs.

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