Enterprise WiFi solutions

The leading WiFi as a Service provider in Europe!

Wifirst develops high-quality and secure enterprise WiFi solutions to enhance network performance for connected devices. Whether customers, visitors, staff or conference users in high-density environments, our dedication to continuous R&D supports our innovations and our aspirations to provide the best service possible.

WiFi as a Service

A pioneer of managed WiFi, or "WiFi as a Service". Wifirst provides full management to ensure that you receive the very best service possible and that your investment into WiFi connectivity goes well beyond its primary use. Our primary goal is to build a foundation for you to power all of your digital needs through a robust and secure network infrastructure.

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Room Area Network

These days our homes are packed with WiFi-connected devices: Smartphones, computers, games consoles, smart TVs, printers, connected watches, WiFi speakers, the list goes on. All of which need to be securely connected to communicate with one another. Wifirst's Room Area Network (RAN) solution enables this home experience to be replicated and delivered to your guests or students within the building's WiFi shared infrastructure.

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Wifirst Centre

The Wifirst Centre is your dedicated extranet portal giving you access to your site’s network status amongst other information. Creating internet access codes, monitoring usage, access to the Wifirst support team, hardware status reporting using dynamic floor plans of your building in real-time, and many other features are all made possible.

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Captive Portal

When users first connect to the WiFi, they will be automatically directed to a page called the "Captive Portal" to initiate their internet connection. We tailor this page to match your brand with high-resolution images and logos. No matter what type of device your guest is using, such as a tablet, laptop or smartphone, the layout responds accordingly to create a seamless experience.

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