Our network services

Discover Wifirst connectivity solutions

Wifirst combines research and development efforts with in-depth knowledge of our target markets to offer innovative solutions that meet the needs of our customers and end-users.

WiFi solutions

Wifirst develops high-quality, secure WiFi solutions to enhance network performance for connected devices. Whether customers, visitors, staff or conference users in high-density environments, our dedication to continuous R&D supports our innovations and our aspirations to provide the best service possible.

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Business Fibre

Discover Fibre Leased Line services by Wifirst, providing excellent value for money. Our internet solution includes personalised customer support with a dedicated project manager, installation of all equipment by authorised technicians and provision of IPv4/IPv6 public addresses.

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Hospitality IPTV

With our IPTV Hospitality solution, your guests are welcomed into their room with a personalised, interactive and intuitive interface. Bring your televisions to life, offer new services and improve the overall guest experience.

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Stream & cast

Allow your customers to easily and securely stream content on to the TV in their room thanks to our intuitive Stream & Cast solution built upon our own Room Area Network service and Google Chromecast.

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Digital Signage

Digital signage by Wifirst is a software solution which is installed on to a compatible screen, enabling dynamic and vibrant content to be presented, including online elements such as a Twitter feed or local weather information for example. 

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