WiFi Captive portal

Fiberjet Captive Portal functionalities

The newly connected users to the WiFi network will automatically be directed to a web page (or "splash page") called "captive portal". Fiberjet Networks will tailor the captive portal page to your brand image, your preferred sign-in method and will include the required acceptable internet use policy terms.

Responsive web design

The captive portal responsive layout will deliver a seamless experience, making the web page look goof, across all devices.


Currently supported in English, French, German, Spanish and Dutch. The captive portal will automatically select the correct language based on the user browser default setting.


Branded captive portal is customizable site by site with high definition images, logo, text, url redirection, etc.

Free access

Users can freely access the Internet filling out a form based registration.

Paid access

You wish to generate WiFi revenue; Fiberjet can integrate billing features for your paid offers (by credit card).

Connection code

If you prefer to control the WiFi access by generating codes to be distributed by the reception team.

Interconnections with PMS & CRM

Interfacing your Property Management or CRM System will allow your guests to authenticate using a reservation number, a "name & room number", loyalty membership info, etc.

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