Responsible technology

Fiberjet's Corporate Social Responsibility Policy (CSR)

CSR is at the forefront of everything that we do. As a leading WiFi and Internet Service Provider, we take great care in sourcing and implementing technology responsibly to strengthen our environmental and societal principles, enhancing the sustainability of all work conducted by Fiberjet an>

Supported by our management team and employees, we believe CSR and Sustainability Development to be an area of innovation, creativity and pride that we share with our clients, suppliers and partners each and every day.

Favouring concrete actions that have evolved through employee engagement, our approach is defined by its progressiveness while also being aligned with pioneers in the field:



In 2021, Fiberjet signed the United Nations charter to promote socially responsible attitudes and is committed to integrating the Ten Principles of the United Nations Global Compact into its corporate strategy, with a strong focus on the Sustainable Development Goals.



Fiberjet relies on the Sustainable Development Goals to define its commitments and ambitions while aligning itself with Europe's 2030 agenda. Notably :

  • n ° 3 / Commit to the well-being of its employees and all of its stakeholders.
  • n ° 4 / Ensure access to quality education through a high-performance Internet connection, which has become a necessary condition for successful studies.
  • n ° 11 / Deploy clean digital infrastructures for the sake of eco-design and promoting access to digital technologies.
  • n ° 12 / Establish sustainable consumption and production patterns by organizing its customer experience around transparency and developing its service proposal around responsible digital technology.
  • n ° 13 / Fight against climate change by putting carbon at the heart of its strategy and reducing the negative impacts of its activity


Furthering our commitment to CSR ethics, Fiberjet is a member of Tech For Good France, THE network for entrepreneurs & investors who are dedicated to developing and financing technology and digital solutions to accelerate the transformation to a wholly more sustainable and responsible society.



In an ongoing drive for continuous improvement of our ecological and social footprint, in 2020 Fiberjet was evaluated by the worlds most trusted business sustainability assessor, Ecovadis, and was subsequently presented with a silver award, a significantly higher decoration than the industry average for the telecom sector. This rating is the result of assessing a number of indicators collated into five key segments: Environmental, Social and Ethical Performance, Human Rights and Responsible Procurement.

Areas of commitment

It is our duty to care about the quality of our services, our supply chain and procurement sustainability and human rights to support the working conditions of our employees and partners.

An environmentally friendly operator

We take a ‘green’ approach to the procurement and recycling of our equipment. Each of our deployments since 2016 has been completed using energy-efficient WiFi solutions that are designed to consume less power than previous generations, and when the equipment reaches the end of its technological lifespan, we work with carefully selected partners to refurbish and wholesale our preloved hardware, or recycle so that any raw materials can be reused. Our carbon footprint is currently being assessed to provide us with a better understanding of further areas for improvement and to help us to define an ambitious impact reduction plan. Fiberjet uses key indicators recognised by Green IT and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

Employee well-being: being a responsible employer

As an integral part of our Corporate Social Responsibility, Fiberjet's commitment to its employees is reflected in our policies, recruitment, management, training and internal development. Fiberjet also ensures the well-being of employees through a healthy working environment. Occasional or regular teleworking, standardised and managed simply via an online management application, Coviflex. We are also soon to commence an eco-refurbishment of our headquarters in Paris based on a "Low Carbon Design" principle to minimise the carbon footprint of the building work and the future operation of the premises.

Economic practices that respect human rights: a responsible partner for clients, suppliers and subcontractors

We have created a healthy ecosystem of trusted suppliers, partners and technicians whom we have worked with for several years, and have complete confidence, with assurances verifying compliance to our commitments through dedicated contract clauses.

Installing equipment that does not impact the health of staff or users

As an Ofcom registered UK Communications Provider, Fiberjet complies with all regulatory requirements for radio transmission power outlined by Ofcom to protect the health and wellbeing of all users and staff.

Focusing on Fiberjet's environmental policy


Fiberjet chooses to only work with suppliers who meet international standards in terms of design, product manufacturing, raw material and waste management. This extends to the choice of renewable, recycled and/or recyclable materials.

Reduced energy costs

We evaluate the energy expenditure of our deployed equipment on an ongoing basis to reduce the impact within our installed base of over 200,000 individual pieces of managed equipment. Energy savings have already been achieved through the following actions:

  • The virtualisation of our Natbox equipment, integrating functionalities within the Fiberjet gateway to remove the energy requirements of this device altogether. A 100% reduction.
  • Replacement of our Wibox gateway installed at each customer premise, for a more energy-efficient alternative.
  • Use of less energy-consuming Wireless Access Points reducing power requirements per access point by over 61%.

Reducing the need to travel by conducting meetings remotely

  • Meeting rooms within our offices in Paris, Clermont-Ferrand, London and Barcelona have been equipped with videoconferencing hardware and videoconferencing software is also available on all staff computers. A practice that is now widespread.
  • In 2017 a service was set up to assist with the scheduling of engineering resources via SMS and telephone, confirming audits and maintenance work requirements prior to site visits to reduce unnecessary travel where possible.

Additional eco-responsible actions taken

  • Recycling of print cartridges since 2015.
  • Zero single-use plastic since 2017.
  • Responsible waste management since 2018.
  • The use of recycled paper, and printers set to print double-sided since 2019.
  • Implementation of a responsible procurement program in 2020.
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