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Offering great WiFi, great service and great internet to the hospitality industry, without the huge expense

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Student Accomodation

he history of WiFi within student residences is inseparable from that of Fiberjet Networks. Since 2020, students have needed fast, reliable WiFi to be available at all times. Fiberjet has embraced the evolution of WiFi standards and continues to research and develop new and innovative deployment methods to ensure we provide the very best service possible. With the development of our core network, we connect the majority of our customers with Fiberjet’s Fiber Leased Line services, meaning you don't have to juggle multiple vendors..

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Outdoor Hospitality

An uncompromising quality of service to meet the major connectivity challenges of Holiday Parks, Caravan Parks and Campsites.

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Senior Housig

Fiberjet’s simplifies the entire solution for you, from installation to ongoing maintenance, we provide a fully managed service in assisted living facilities

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State-of-the-art network infrastructure to meet the intensive internet usage requirements of residents. 

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Tailor-made WiFi networks for logistics warehouses and industry. 

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